Vini Veri 2012

Segnalibro ViniVeri2012



Sabato 24, Domenica 25 e lunedi 26 Marzo 2012

AreaExp Cerea [VR]

dalle 10:00 alle 18:00

Vini secondo Natura: Degustazione di vini e prodotti naturali

Ingresso: € 20,00

The annual meeting with the Consortium Viniveri is renewed in AreaExp The Fabric of Cerea, near Verona. ViniVeri 2012 – Vini Secondo Natura and ‘a unique opportunity to learn about and taste the production of over 120 wineries from all over Italy but also from other European countries.

But not only that! During the event, and in fact ‘can touch the expressions of different territories between them and approach to an approach to wine made of people, cultures and traditions. Also, as in previous editions, will be a space dedicated wine bar, where you can buy the wines of some of the producers present.


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