2015 Participants

XII° edition of  “ViniVeri 2015: vino secondo NATURA”

“ViniVeri 2015: vino secondo NATURA”, the event is open to the public for to meet the producer and taste the fruit of his work daily. A rare occasion to come across with winemakers and food producers united by the deepest respect for the land, the balance of nature, the diversity of cultures and traditions, landscapes, in order to restore a healthy balance intended for human health. The wineries and gastronomic ViniVeri present in 2015, have in fact all self-certified, under its responsibility, to follow the dictates of the “rule” of the Consortium Viniveri, you can see here.

Unique wines, like individuals that produce them and the terroir from which they come. Products that condense the essence of a specific place, the culture of the territory, of a given year.

Winegrovers from ITALY n°72 [ n° 16 Pedimont, n° 1 Lombardy, n° 3 Trentino Alto Adige, n° 6 Friuli Venezia Giulia, n° 2 Veneto, n° 5 Emilia-Romagna n° 3 Lazio, n° 14 Toscany, n° 1 Umbria, n° 6 Marche, n° 2 Abruzzo, n° 4 Campania, n° 2 Sardinia, n° 7 Sicily]

Winegrovers from EUROP n°33 [n.°2 AUSTRIA, n°23 FRANCE, n°4 SLOVENIA, n°4 SPAIN]

Winegrovers from GEORGIA n°6

Food Producers N°16 [  ITALY (5 Pedimont, 1 Friuli Venezia Giulia, 3 Emilia Romagna, 2 Umbria, 2 Abruzzo, 1 Puglia, 2 Sicily)]

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